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Why i fell for Jahdiel, Eben

Three weeks after he tied the knot, rave-of-the-moment gospel singer, Eben (Emmanuel Benjamin), has opened up on how he met and wooed his wife and fellow gospel artiste, Jahdiel (Grace Okoduwa). The pair who had their white wedding ceremony in Lagos three weeks ago at D.G.M, Ikota Villa Estate and was joined in holy matrimony by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy lit the Red Carpet at Oriental Hotel, Lagos, during the Nigerian edition of Olumide Emmanuel’s Matrimony Conference, which was held last Sunday.
Dressed in a blue blazer and donning a red bow tie, Jahdiel was draped in a cream lace material and the couple was the cynosure of attention as cameras clicked and bulbs flashed. The pair later sat in the VIP section and held hands throughout the show and Eben couldn’t stop fusing over Jahdiel.
The Entertainer closed in on Eben the moment the compere of the event, Gordons, drew the curtain on the show and the Imaranma singer opened up on how matrimony was transforming his life two weeks after he tied the knot and how much of a blessing Jahdiel has been to him.
An elated Eben described his better half as the greatest thing that ever happened to him amid smiles?
“Jahdiel’s such a charming lady; she just stole my heart. We got married two weeks ago and it’s been just wonderful. She’s the greatest that ever happened to me. She loves God and she is sold out on the gospel and anybody who loves God gets my attention. I think I am lucky to have married someone like her,” Eben said commenting on how he picked his bride from his throng of admirers admitting that indeed there was a lot of temptation around him before Jahdiel came into his life.
“Yes there were many women around me but God revealed to me that she’s the one for me just like he also revealed the same to her so we had no choice but to get married.”
How did he pop the question? A smile breaks his features as he responds: “We were very close and it just dawned on us that we were meant for each other. I just told her this was what I was feeling and before we knew it we were walking down the aisle.”
Eben reveals that they met in a studio years ago in Lagos when they were still unknown and managed to keep their affair secret until just before they tied the knot. However he denies there was any deliberate attempt to keep their affair a secret insisting that it was just the way providence wanted it because they never made any attempt to keep their affair out of the public glare.
So now that they are married, how many kids are we looking at?
“We can’t tell for now,” he says as his face dissolves in happy wrinkles, “that would be for God to decide.”
They are both gospel artistes and would definitely be spending long hours away from home. When the kids start coming, would he instruct Jahdiel to sacrifice her career for family?
“No,” he says in response. “I can’t tell her to sacrifice her dreams because her calling is from God. However, when we get to that bridge we shall cross it.”

New album
Eben’s latest effort, The Mr. Phenomenon is hot and making waves. He spoke on the journey so far insisting that it was tough and rough but he was determined to make a success of his career against the odds.
Did he know that someday he was going to be such a big music star?
“I knew it was going to happen someday; yes I knew,” he says with the conviction of one who knows his onions. “Music for me did not come by accident so I had a vision already but I never knew it was going to be this big. Success hit me like a ton of bricks. When I came up with gospel rock, people said it was not going to work but now it is working and everybody’s just loving it.”

Eben is full of gratitude to fans that have stood by his brand since he came into music professionally: “I want to thank my fans for being there for me all this while. Without you I wouldn’t be here today. Thanks for keeping it real.”

The Imaranma singer has a word of advice for youngsters who want to take after him: “Stay focused and be prayerful. Remember, every big star you know today has a story. Whatever difficulties you’re going through now will be the story you will tell when you finally wear the crown of success.”

“I want to impact humanity positively. I want to live a lasting legacy for the younger generation through my music in a way that glorifies my creator.”

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